Doreen Dodgen-McGee

Discipline/Field: Nonfiction – Memoir

Based in: Portland, OR

About: Doreen Dodgen-McGee is a clinical psychologist, speaker, and author. Her prior books focus on the impact of technology and covid on our mental, physical, emotional, and relational health and wellbeing. She is a Sr. Survivor Fellow with Everytown for Gun Safety and writes regularly about traumatic loss and grief. Her work intends to invite people to think critically about the inequities in their worldview and resulting actions.

Project Title: The Deep End’s Always Moving is a book of personal essays formed by years of incompatible teachings and realities, focused on Dodgen-McGee’s love of all misfits and on her own traumatic losses. Each essay is about white, evangelical Christians and the national binary emerging in politics and daily life due to the harmful forces of exclusivity, judgmentalism, racism, misogyny, and homophobia. At Yefe Nof, Dodgen-McGee will revise her complex stories and experiences that have led her to believe that no one is ever “off the deep end.”

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