The Yefe Nof Residency is a secluded place in the mountains where writers, researchers, and designers bring their projects for the final stage of execution, one resident at a time for two to four weeks. The annual competition offers an opportunity for a variety of authors to become reinvigorated by the mountain air and experience the lake while pushing their work to completion. Residents will use their time to construct narratives that captivate, to express what they believe to be true and complex, to remind us of the deep beauty and multilayered poetry in the world, to speculate about futures that we can conceive no matter how still unlikely. Just as they are about to be released into the world at large, the final products are also collected in the house, building upon one another in an ever-evolving collection, a network that acts as both a dedication to progress and a dialogue.

Watch a 4-minute film about the Residency.