Amanda Kim

Discipline/Field: Experimental Fiction

Based in: San Francisco Bay Area

About: Amanda Kim is a fourth-generation Californian whose literary transgressions are dedicated to telling truthful, complex stories that inspire different ways of being and thinking. Her family has been farming in Southern California since the 1890s. She is a graduate of Brown University and the MFA program at San Francisco State.  

As a California Writing Resident, Amanda will be completing the final draft of her California Gothic novel.

Project Title: Thermal BeingsThe novel re-envisions the conventional Gothic horror narrative as a literary form that can fully express diverse cultural perspectives and the multiple roles, identities and histories that we all have. It also seeks to examine harmful cultural attitudes toward nature. The underlying narrative arc is that of a horror novel with a contemporary Japanese-American protagonist, told in language that is imagistic and dreamy, using quotes, lessons, prose poems and fictional “found” texts.

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