Amy Davis

Discipline/Field: Poetry & Creative Nonfiction

Based in: Los Angeles, CA

About: Amy Davis is a New Yorker who has lived in Southern California for forty years. She holds a doctorate in American history from Columbia University and has taught at Purdue and UCLA. Her eco-poetry is a conversation between verse and prose that presents an aesthetically captivating and scientifically accurate portrait of changing eco-regions. Through images, history, and scientific understandings, she is able to address pressing problems, acknowledge disagreements and focus on big ideas, such as extinction.

At YNR, Davis will complete two chapbooks, one about the Los Angeles Watershed and the Ballona Wetlands, and the other about the San Joaquin Valley and the area around Joshua Tree National Park.

Project Title: Evolutions of California Ecologies addresses how several different ecosystems in California have evolved geologically and geographically and how those changes have affected the plants, animals, and people who have lived there.

Relevant link: Levure Littéraire and Parks and Points