Christopher DeWan

Discipline/Field: Nonfiction Journalism

Based in: Pasadena, CA

About: Christopher DeWan is a prolific storyteller and screen writer, an avid hiker, and has taught at Idyllwild Arts. His most recent work of fiction is HOOPTY TIME MACHINES: fairy tales for grown ups, a collection of domestic fabulism from Atticus Books.

As a California Writing Resident, Christopher will finish a book on Silicon Valley’s “fintech” entrepreneurs and the uniquely Californian version of the American Dream.

Project Title: The untitled book will feature some emergent technologies that are “disrupting” finance and follow the way we with interact with and think about money. It will describe how technologies like Venmo, Betterment, and blockchain work and why they emerged when they did, all the while ruminating about the false promises every coder with an idea follows believing they are just a VC away from becoming an overnight billionaire.

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