///Object design, architecture, urban planning, fashion, photography, performance, studio art///

A hypothetical Designer applicant scenario: Your recent work is predicated on the benefits of replacing expensive and weighty metal alloys with a new material that better combats overheated circuitry. High license fees and inventor fees have prevented you from testing your theories. The doctors in a fiction you recently read inspire you with their use of a “shiny and light remote control gyrostatic thing” to save lives. You know the technology exists and it’s just a matter of time before a design revolutionizes the practice of diagnosing patients in more remote locations. You want the opportunity to put “screws to sheet metal” and finalize a prototype.

The 2019-20 application for a residency is exactly the same for Writers, Researchers, and Designers. Interviews follow selection in all cases. Residency sessions are two to four weeks in SEPT: September 2-29, OCT: October 14-November 10, FEB: February 1-28, JUNE: June 1-July 3, and JULY: TBD. For our APRIL session we have a separate competition where California-based writers only are invited to apply. Late Applications will not be accepted. If you have questions email


Residency Session                      Application Available                     Application Deadline                     Earliest Notification 

ALL RESIDENCIES                              January 1                                          April 30                                           June 1


  • If you are interested in applying for a residency at Yefe Nof, please begin after reading the guidelines on the next page.
  • If you have already started working on an application but did not yet submit it and would like to continue working on it, please click here.
  • If you were invited to apply to YNR, please formally register your application by sending a message with the name of nominator here and we will send you a direct link to the application.


A. Project description + residency work plan: (500 word limit)

B. Short answer questions:

  1. What is the purpose of your project?
  2. Describe your goals for your design work at YNR.
  3. What product(s) should this residency generate?
  4. What expectations do you have for your stay?
  5. In what ways will this residency complete your preparation of your work?
  6. How do you plan to disseminate your final product and to whom?

C. CV or narrative bio: tell us about yourself in one page or less.

D. Recommendations (optional): The applicant’s work is of paramount importance to the selection committee readers and recommendation letters are not a required part of the application process, however, they can provide the reviewers with an assessment of an applicant’s ability to undertake the project successfully as well as a sense of whether the applicant has the personal qualities to be part of an interdisciplinary dialogue in the solitude of Yefe Nof. They may also provide an expert opinion on the quality of the project and its potential impact or outcomes. You may choose up to two recommenders that know you and your work well. They should not be from the same organization or institution. The contact information of the recommender (email address and phone number) should be entered correctly on your application. It is your responsibility to request and submit recommendations by the application deadline.

F. Work Sample (optional): You may include a chapter, section, draft, or brief outline of your project, book, work, or publication that you propose to finalize at YNR. Choose work samples carefully and submit those that demonstrate your ability to undertake the completion of the project being proposed. The work samples should support the purpose and goals outlined in the description of the project. Work samples must be received electronically by the application deadline.