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November 26, 2020

Dear Partners,

We’re not going to cry over 2020. To say goodbye to this strange year, we’ve put together a little display of how we continued to promote groundbreaking work while most residencies aren’t happening anymore. 

For the past five years we have provided space and time for our residents to concentrate on finishing the projects they bring up the mountain.

This year – with your help – we supported novel-length and short story fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, and scientific investigation from eight writers and researchers who dealt with subjects that ranged from environmental collapse to the failure of mental institutions. 

Hope has started to multiply as the work of former residents arrives on the marketplace in 2021. We have the occasion to lock elbows and celebrate the evolution of our #dialogue of ideas. 

Short story writer, Jean Ho, remarked that it was the retreat from “normal” life which was the gift. And so it is that we still provide to our residents and we need to continue to grow this opportunity to dream.  

In 2021 our primary goal is to use more sophisticated communication and public relations to raise awareness and have larger competitions. 

We aim to serve the needs of a broader public for the 2021 California Writing Residency by partnering with 826LA and Junior High, both organizations whose adherents present and represent the California that we know and don’t know. 

By connecting with active organizations, our opportunities for meaningful creative transformation  become mutually-rewarding paths for bringing ideas to their #finalstage.

The current two-year Redesign Residency – a collaborative and exploratory program that involves using writing and research to build a new narrative through design – includes UC Riverside’s MFA Program and La Maida Project whose mission is to “rewrite the story of mental health and well being.”

Expansion beyond our current offer is on the horizon.

In 2021-22 we plan to host a competition for “the design in Redesign” and connect North American and European talent.

This year we added the ZVI residency to our core residencies: open to projects which engage our hearts and minds by incorporating relevant and concise expression in multiple languages. ZVI is meant to deepen our engagement with the building blocks of our #dialogue.

We’ve seen some light this year. I believe that we can reach forward and continue to establish a networked nonprofit organization as part of a larger ecosystem that supports groundbreaking work from initial idea to final stage. We can expand our offer of time and space into a larger network of spaces and at the same time also diversify our model to offer retreats for outside groups, hobbyists and, burnt out CEOS in a year that requires some mental health escape.

With a successful end of year campaign, we can raise the $18,000 we need to nurture many of the ideas which have been unable to move forward this year. A perfectly beautiful gift for the giving season.

You can help by:

Making a direct contribution towards the operation of all residencies.

– Sharing information about applications that open January 1st.

– Buying a week to retreat.

– Coming forward as an Angel contributor and matching donations.

– Getting involved in committee work next year.

Please read below for further information and use the button above – or this link – to make a gift. For any other questions or answers please write me at

Thank you for your time and energy.



This is the procedure for contributing: checks must be payable to “Independent Arts & Media,” with a note in the memo indicating it is for “The Yefe Nof Residency.” They should be sent to: Independent Arts & Media, P.O. Box 420442, San Francisco, CA  94142. This PayPal button is also an option, but keep in mind there are fees associated with processing.

P.S. As I’ve said every year since 2015, If you would prefer to contribute by purchasing the book that I wrote with Kickstarter backing, Inspiration Drive is available on Amazon. What an original holiday gift!