#Fire on the Mojave

Category: Nonfiction

Challenge:  Wildland fire practices, effects, and outcomes on the land, ecologies, and human populations

Key Words: wildfire, fire ecology, resource management, regional firefighters

Created by: Ruth Nolan

Funded & Curated by: the Desert Institute

Link: YouTube

Description: The scope of the book includes a focus on American Indians’ uses of wildfire as a form of resource management; fire ecology/fire science; “life with wildfire” for residents in our region’s extensive wilderness urban interface (WUI); interviews with regional firefighters – including women, Latino/a, African American and American Indian firefighters; wildland fire training centers; input from citizens whose lives have been impacted by major wildfire events; emerging research and technologies in wildfire prevention and management; and a close-up view of the work of a wildland firefighter through Nolan’s own perspectives and role as the book’s narrator.