Geoffrey Sharp

Discipline/Field: Fiction

Based in: Altadena, CA

About: Geoffrey Sharp is a long time television writer and director. He has produced hundreds of hours of non-fiction television focusing mainly on religion, science and international cultural topics. His work has been seen on Discovery, National Geographic, History, Showtime, HBO Max and other outlets. At YNR Geoffrey will be completing the first draft of his novel.

Project Title: The Q Source takes a long posited idea in the academic sector of religious studies – that there was a contemporaneous account of Jesus’ life in Galilee – and imagines it has now come to light. This written source is thought to be the basis for the three synoptic gospels. Using the narrative structure of a conventional thriller, the novel takes a look back at who might have written such a document and why its discovery in our present day would be such a myth breaking event. Ultimately the novel is concerned with how history is conceived, written, and delivered to make sure a predetermined point of view becomes “the truth.”

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