Hao Huang

Discipline/Field: Poetry, modern drama, music

Based in: Claremont, CA

About: Hao Huang is the Frankel Endowed Chair in Music at Scripps College. He is a founding member of the Animas Music Festival in Durango Colorado, the Belle Terre Chamber Players, and the Gold Coast Trio. He has recently ventured into performance art and transart projects that have been nationally acclaimed.

Transart is an artistic practice that transitions through forms, genres, styles, and disciplines encompassing techniques and ideas from the fine arts as well as disciplines that have traditionally been thought of as extraneous to art-making (such as soft and hard sciences, technology, and literature).

As a California Writing Resident, Huang will finish a chapbook of poetry about the contemporary Asian American experience, finalize Jianchi/Perseverance, a play about anti-Chinese violence that has persisted from 1900 in San Francisco to attacks in LA in 2021, and also work on an NEA grant award transarts performance that involves composed music, musical improvisation and audio samples of Asian American testimony.

Project Title: “The LA Chinatown Massacre” will encompass these three separate projects that share a common theme, anti-Asian American violence in California and throughout the USA.

Relevant links: wikipedia; facebook; blood on gold mountain; Washington Post; Press Release