Huck Reyes

Discipline/Field: Creative Non-Fiction

Based in: Atlanta, GA

About: Huck Reyes is a Filipino-American writer/photographer originally from Oakland, CA who holds no degrees or awards from any university or institution and currently makes a living as a restaurant server and gig worker. They co-founded Southeast Workers Collective—a mutual aid group by and for sex workers in the South. Huck’s photography focuses primarily on anarcho-surrealism, millennial Americana, queer sexuality, and the deep mundane.  As a writer, their work is very personal and typically revolves around true life experiences from travel, relationships, and work.  The California Writing Residency is their first residency of any kind.

Project Title: Induced Labor is the working title for a first-person narrative based on Huck’s decade-long travels through inner and outer worlds. Themes of spirited adventure, love/heartbreak, friendship, money problems, loneliness, deep uncertainty, untreated conditions of insomnia, extreme impulsiveness, and depression, bear witness to one person’s bizarre route into identity, purpose, and the unknown. Since the creation of these writings, the author has come out as transgender and relates to this work a sort of “gender eulogy” for the young person who dedicated herself to creating these stories.  

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