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December 10, 2018

Dear Supporters,

The end of the year presents us with many opportunities to spend money, but how often do our purchases meet a real need?

In 2018 your contribution to the Yefe Nof Residency provided eight emerging creatives the 2-4 weeks of solitude they needed to finish their very high quality projects and continue dedicating themselves to the business of creating. Thanks to you most of these writers, researchers, and designers have added, or will soon be able to add, their finished work to our bookshelf on the mountain –and in the greater marketplace. Five residents have already sent work to agents or publishers and are awaiting responses. You can read their profiles on our The Residents page and get a sense of this year’s dialogue that ranges from exploring many kinds of love, confronting racial and gender biases, educating the public about the lives of the formerly incarcerated, presenting sexual politics, facing the impact of climate change, and preserving the life work of lesser known artists.

This year we continued the California Writing Residency and launched a Redesign Residency to initiate a network that hosts productive and transformative conversations through one-off and continuous partnerships. By dedicating ourselves to particular causes we test the hypothesis that deliberately cross-pollinating ideas yields solutions to pressing problems. This year the ideas were made into something new by a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, who is our first resident to work remotely. This young designer’s experience not only demonstrated how mentorship and exposure could influence a creation, it proved that we can grow outside the walls of the house as well.

With your ongoing support, we aim to double applications, double the number of residencies that we provide, and deliver on our promise of network and resources in 2019 . To that end, before we open applications on January 1st, we are calling on you to help us reach our $20,000 goal that will fully fund Yefe Nof for the year. We do not rely on individual contributions alone, but as we seek to grow our network we rely on your generosity to spread the word and make a bigger impact with partners, sponsors, and an international community.

This weekend we shot a promotional film to help you see the difference you are making. We want you to experience what it has meant to fund Yefe Nof since its inception. You are helping see ideas through to the marketplace. New voices are emerging at Yefe Nof. Researchers are finding new narratives. Designers are solving problems with interdisciplinary collaboration.

Please help us to keep creative people creating with a $100 contribution today. When you invest in a resident you can also suggest a cause and/or an organization so that we can work in earnest towards building a network that includes your ideas as well.

Read below for contribution information or use the button above – or this link – to get involved:

Thank you again for your time and energy. 

Love and Respect,



This is the procedure for contributing: checks must be payable to “Independent Arts & Media,” with a note in the memo indicating it is for “The Yefe Nof Residency.” They should be sent to: Independent Arts & Media, P.O. Box 420442, San Francisco, CA  94142. This PayPal button is also an option, but keep in mind there are fees associated with processing.

P.S. As I’ve said every year since 2015, If you would prefer to contribute by purchasing the book that I wrote with Kickstarter backing, Inspiration Drive is available on Amazon. What an original holiday gift!