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Category: Promonostory

Challenge: Cancer

Key Words: father and son, goodbye, melanoma, Alpha Chapters, redesign

Created by: Gil Soltz

Funded & Produced by: Kickstarter backers, Teg Down Publishing

Link: Amazon

Description: I took six weeks to write Inspiration Drive from notebooks I filled during the final year of life with my father. In the midst of life, when one thing happens and everything else is still happening, consensus reality and daydreams provide the basis for a promonostory: a point of literary form jutting out over a sea of raw material. In the book, while the connection between a boy and his dad reveals itself sometimes as the deep breath of memoir and often as the coping exhale of fiction, the presentation on the page mutates in time like the cancer which forces the boy to prepare his love to live on as a memory. At the story’s core (and in the mystery of Mordechai Cambell and the missing Alpha Chapters) is the origin of redesign fiction and the Yefe Nof Residency.