Kendall Berents

Discipline/Field: Fiction

Based in: Carlsbad, CA

About: Kendall Berents grew up in Virginia as the middle of a set of triplets. Her writing journey that began at a young age as a way to find her own voice has become a dedication to language that can heal on a cellular level, and a belief in the power of stories to generate more compassion. She received an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University in 2017 and holds a BA in English from the College of William and Mary. She wants to see more bookstores, more readings, and more enthusiasm for the written word. 

Forever interested in what it means to have a body, and to have that body taken from you, Kendall attempts to find a language for embodiment, and to authentically capture the nuances of the human experience. Her work blends realism and satire in large, epic novels heavily influenced by voice and place.

Project Title: Give Them Your Bones tells the story of Sarah Jane Stenner, a young dancer in small town Texas coming of age and confronting the trauma of her mother’s rape. Told through alternating timelines while blending literary fiction with domestic suspense, Give Them Your Bones is a coming-of-age story about faith, loyalty, complex mother-daughter relationships, the physical manifestation of trauma, and figuring out who you are beyond your familial identity.

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