Laura Stevens

Discipline/Field: Photography

Based in: Paris, France

About: Laura Stevens (b. 1977 England, UK) holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts and Design from Leeds Metropolitan University, and a Master of Arts degree in Photography from the University of Brighton.

Through portraiture and landscape photography, her artistic practice focuses on themes of relationships: between man and woman, longing and loneliness, vulnerability and connection, home and belonging.

Stevens’ work has been the subject of features in Marie Claire and Exit magazine, among other publications. It has been shown in museums, galleries and festivals internationally, including The Schneider Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, and The Centre for Fine Art Photography. She has produced commissioned pieces for clients including Le Monde, The New York Times, Wired, GQ, Forbes, The Washington Post, The Guardian Magazine, The Times Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

Project Title: Further, Farther regards the American Road Trip as mythical rite of passage through in-between places.

Relevant Links:, Instagram: @_laurastevens_