Neelanjana Banerjee

Discipline/Field: Fiction

Based in: Los Angeles

About: Neelanjana Banerjee is the Managing Editor of Kaya Press, an independent press dedicated to Asian Pacific American and Asian Diasporic literature. She is co-editor of two poetry anthologies and her writing has appeared widely in places like Prairie Schooner, The Rumpus, World Literature Today and PANK Magazine. She has built deep roots in the Asian American and literary communities nationwide through her work helping people to tell their own stories. She teaches writing and Asian American Literature at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University.

Project Title: Keloid tells the story of an Indian American woman who comes of age in America, and the complexity of that journey—of being the daughter of immigrants, of living in a society where you are both made to feel invisible and sexualized, of the trauma of being separated from your personal history and the freedom that can provide.

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