Omid Naim

Discipline/Field: Mental Health Research

Based in: Los Angeles, CA

About: Omid Naim is an Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist. He is the founder of a nonprofit called the La Maida Project whose mission is to rewrite the story of mental health and well being. His life’s work is dedicated to creating new models of mental health that support people’s innate capacity to heal. 

As a Redesign Resident, Omid will finish a Book and Manual for training others in a method for self-healing in community.

Project Title: Securing Human Nature tells a story of intergenerational trauma, toxic stress and unresolved grief and shame that are at the root of our epidemic of mental illness, suicide and addiction in the U.S. Told within a framework of modern neuroscience, it manages to explain how this epidemic is rooted in the progressive changes in how we are living and offers a paradigm shift in how we see mental illness and how meaning and health are achieved through community self-empowerment.

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