Recommended Gear

Residents should anticipate seasonal packing. Your backyard will be forest flora and fauna (yes, you may see bears and coyotes). Any time of year is good for walking the many loops and trails and there are nearby options for water and snow sports. Mountain living can be complicated in the harshest months, but not to worry as most issues can be avoided with careful planning. The facilities are in good working condition so preparing for the natural events means knowing the terrain. We are in the middle of the forest on the San Andreas fault. Severe drought conditions and high winds make fire hazard the norm in summer. Heavy snowfall, fog, and ice can make daily activities, like driving, more difficult in winter. There is an occasional power outage and random seismic activity. Applicants are asked to honestly consider their limitations in anticipation of some of the labor required to maintain their working environment during harsh months and to apply accordingly.